About YKK

  • What does "YKK" stand for?

  • Other than zippers, what product does YKK produce today?

  • YKK has a famous philosophy: what exactly is it?

  • How large is YKK?

  • Where can I find YKK products?


General Question

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

  • Is it possible to customized Puller with your logo?

  • Is it possible to customized Buckles with your logo?

  • What is Minimum Order Quantity for Customized Plastic Parts (regular).?

  • Requirements for new clients - Company Registration


About Zippers and Sliders

  • The slider sometimes catches on cloth when opened or closed. Is there any way to free the slider without causing damage to the cloth?

  • YKK produces zippers throughout the world but are their quality and function of an equal standard globally?

  • A zipper purchased was made of or coated with nickel and caused an allergic reaction on direct contact with the skin. How can I avoid it?

  • Are YKK products treated for needle detection machines?

  • What are the points to be noted when using zippers in baby wear?

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