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Watch out for counterfeit YKK zippers !

Recently, counterfeit YKK zippers have been distributed throughout Asia. To make matters worse, garments and footwear containing these products are seen frequently worldwide.

In order to tackle this problem, YKK has developed a program to help protect our trademark rights, and also our customers from inferior quality resulting from the use of fake YKK zippers.

The following items are included in this program:
  • Strengthened efforts to crack down on manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit YKK zippers worldwide.
  • Bus advertisements for YKK Zippers
  • A legitimate purchase route for YKK zippers to customers in compliance with their style of operation.
  • Reinforced YKK supply capacities and logistics in various areas.

If you have any questions regarding YKK zippers that you currently use, please feel free to contact any nearby YKK office.
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  2. those who want to confirm legitimate supply routes of YKK zippers
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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Chain Zipper-100 meters of chain and 200pcs of slider per color.
A: Cut Zipper -100 pcs per color regardless of size

Q: Is it possible to customized Puller with your logo?
A: Yes! With a minimum of at least 10,000 pcs of slider per design in a year.