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Regular Type

Regular type is good balance of attachment strength. Hook side's item code is 1QNN or 1FNN. Loop side's one is 2QM or 2FMBS.

Soft Type

Hook is softer than normal type. It is recommended to use for medical goods.

Ultra Soft Type

Hook is the softest type in YKK item.

Polyester Type

The polyester product is suitable for outdoor use. They have heat and water resistance.

Web Touch

Hook and loop are directly woven onto Nylon Webbing tape. No need to sew hook and loop on webbing tape. It's suitable for band.

Mesh Type

Woven Hook and loop with mesh type. Excellent breath ability, easy to dry and noise less at detach. For medical goods and sporting goods.

Elastic Type

This product is superior in elasticity by interweaving a polyurethane thread. Excellent stretch ability. Longitudinally-extending.

Electro Conductive Type

This item gets rid of electrostatic discomfort by interweaving a conductive thread.

Q mate

Q mate is the mixture type that interwove a hook and a loop in one tape. Soft against skin.

Back To Back Type

There are Hook and loop on each side. You can bundle the goods easily useing this item.

Adhesive Type

There are two types of pressure sensitive adhesive variations, Rubber-based and Acrylic one.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Chain Zipper-100 meters of chain and 200pcs of slider per color.
A: Cut Zipper -100 pcs per color regardless of size

Q: Is it possible to customized Puller with your logo?
A: Yes! With a minimum of at least 10,000 pcs of slider per design in a year.