Home grown talent Miss Mitch Desunia once again  makes the Philippines  proud. A Filipino designer who specializes in RTW wedding gowns has always envisioned herself to be influencing the Countries outside the Philippines.

For this particular project ,  Mitch Desunia has collaborated with YKK Philippines Inc to make sure that her creations will be secure.  “YKK has been in the Philippines from generation to generation, it is but natural that I hook up with the best quality zippers and also what’s more important is  it is also made in the Philippines” says Mitch.

Mitch was in London last year   to showcase her designs with  “Circus” as her  inspiration, Live, colorful, vibrant , happy . Using Crystals amongst others made the designs elegant  and  shiny depicting movement.

In conceptualizing her collection   at Cannes she reminisces watching a very famous scene of a damsel waiting to be a princess in a beautiful garden with   climbing vines and flowers. Specially the flowing falling flowers. Very imminent in her collection , One can appreciate the  material flow of the cascading flowers and the embracing vines that envelopes the person who wears this line. Its easy to match the components like YKK because they have the capability to dye to match, locally available.  So I am able to create my gowns with a very short lead time upon requesting for the zippers.

Mitch has been provided for with her own Villa .  Open the whole day for the duration of the Cannes Festival so that the VIPs and Actresses will always have the opportunity to view and try on the products.

Perfect timing as we approach the June season though nobody really puts into memory any longer the story, it most certainly reminds us of a season in the past when most  weddings are held in the month  to become a “June Bride”

Our hats off to Miss Mitch Desunia and YKK Philippines for a perfect combination to uplift Philippine made. Quality, passion , and fashion extraordinaire.