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Sharpn'Loc™ : LB-YC

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YKK has been famous as a pioneer in the development of lightweight buckles. We now have a new even more innovative buckle with a streamlined shape and the large angular cut out socket that makes smooth insertion possible! Light weight and easy to use.
1. The angular cut socket prevents debris from accumulating
2. Smooth universal guided insertion of plug to socket
3. Plug release is made easier due to the shape of connection points
4. Logo available on plug



Available Size:

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Chain Zipper-100 meters of chain and 200pcs of slider per color.
A: Cut Zipper -100 pcs per color regardless of size

Q: Is it possible to customized Puller with your logo?
A: Yes! With a minimum of at least 10,000 pcs of slider per design in a year.